Total Pest Elimination offers an integrated approach to pest management. Significantly, our bed bug treatment by Total pest Elimination ensures complete eradication of bed bugs. It is often believed that bed bugs infest only beds however these pests are found to survive in different places of your homes. These bugs can be classified as parasites that suck blood from the host which may be human or animal. Importantly, they limit their presence to places where their host relaxes or takes rest for a considerable amount of time.

Bed bugs are very resilient and stubborn pests. They continue to reproduce and infest in spite of a comprehensive pest control solution. At Total Pest Elimination we have put in place an integrated approach to bed bug control. This begins with identifying the bug hiding locations and destroying them. 

As part of the bed bug control measures we resort to the use of chemicals that are environment friendly. Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids are the most common form of pest control that ensure the safe extermination of the bed bugs. Desiccants are used to destroy the bed bug’s outer, waxy protective coating. In addition to this we also use biochemicals, pyrroles, neonicotinoids and Insect Growth Regulators.

Bed bugs are very small and move stealthily. They cause great stress and worry in the homeowners or businesses. A survey by National Pest Management Association in US pointed out that, one out of five families had bed bugs. What more, a few bed bugs can mar your brand image built over the years. For businesses in hotel and hospitality industry the presence of bed bugs in the guest rooms means loss of income and filing of lawsuits.

Bed bugs cause equal harm to businesses and humans. The bed bug bites are very itchy and serve as a cause for panic. Equally, bed bugs cripple an establishment’s reputation which may be evident as downturn in revenue. To avoid all this, Total Pest Elimination offers the best, effective and the latest bed bug treatments.

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