Building and Facilities pest control - Elimination Services in Houston, TX

Total Pest Elimination offers full-scale and reliable Building and Facilities Pest Control and Elimination Services. Pests are not only irritating but also cause great harm to our health. The presence of pests in the buildings and facilities hits hard on the quality of service and brand image of the business. We bring proven expertise to understand and control pests that are specific to residential and commercial buildings and facilities.

Our pest control services for buildings includes, Ant Elimination, Wasp Treatment, Termite Inspection, Bird Elimination, Termite Elimination, Bee Eradication, Weed Service, Rodent Proofing & Elimination, Scorpion Elimination and Bed Bug Detection. We also offer high quality and responsive on-site pest management consultation and coordination.

Total Pest Elimination chief service differentiator is that it helps to keep pests out of your facility and off your mind. The benefits you gain are seen as reduced costs, and higher brand building. Our pest control experts will ensure a clean and pest-free facility. This will help you to better manage your operational costs. Our proactive approach to control common pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and flies helps in providing a positive working experience for your employees.

Total Pest Elimination offers a comprehensive pest program that combines an outside-in approach with on-site consultation. Our pest control in buildings and facilities of Houston, Texas begins with fill-scale pest audit, and data-driven reporting. By associating with us gain access to innovative, science-based pest control solutions. This means to achieve highly impactful pest control and keeps your customers and staff safe and makes buildings and facilities pest-free.

With the rising incidence of COVID-19 the need to sanitize buildings and facilities is imminent. This demands the expertise of professionals trained and skilled in sanitizing premises. The challenges faced are diverse. If harmful bacteria and virus in air and on surfaces constitute the first challenge, their spread by pests poses a further challenge. The objective of our pest elimination personnel is to sanitize entire premises as well as eliminate the pests in the buildings and facilities.

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