Food Pest Elimination, Control services in Houston, Texas

Timely pest control will help your food business to make profits, enhance the brand value, and creates unparallel customer loyalty. Total Pest Elimination is your reliable and consistent partner for rapid and expert pest control services. 

Pests in any food outlet, restaurant and dining place can be both a nuisance and a danger to human health. Pests attack and contaminate the food. Pests may also cause irreparable damage to your property that includes furniture, walls, and electric cables.

Primarily pets may cause food poisoning. Importantly, pests transfer harmful virus and bacteria from locations of human and animal wastes. So, each pest acts as a vector of disease and enables cross-contamination. Some of the dangerous pathogens transferred include Salmonella, E. Coli, Campylobacter and Listeria.

Total Pest Elimination offers comprehensive solutions for control of three main groups of pests that are quite common to the food services sector, 

  • Rodents – rats and mice
  • Insects – cockroaches, beetles, flies etc
  • Birds – pigeons, seagulls etc

Awareness is the first requirement to control pests. As the facilities manager it is your duty to conduct periodical checks during day and night for prevalence of pests. Our awareness programs to entry level and supervisory staff in the food industry helps to understand the nature and behavior of pests in the building.

Each infestation in your food outlet or industry is evident as,

  • Small speckled droppings or large rodent faeces
  • Cockroach egg cases
  • Gnawed goods
  • Animal urine and footprints
  • Terrible smell and dead carcasses 
  • Colonies of insects in cupboards and beds

On receiving your call for pest control and management, we promptly visit the site for inspection. We adhere to a step-by-step process that begins with review and monitoring, pest identification, assessment & diagnosis, customer education, treatment and documentation and development.

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