Hospitality Pest Elimination, Control services in Houston, Texas

For the global hospitality industry giving a cozy and enthralling ambience means to create happy and long relationships with guests and their families. The hospitality industry offers a rich and memorable experience to each guest. So, this calls for total negation of pests that include bed bugs and cockroaches, rodents, flies and others. Total Pest Elimination offers all Round Safety for Hotel and Hospitality Sectors with Hospitality Pest Control Services.

Most of the pests like cockroaches; rats etc live in places where food is available. For example, in hotels, cockroaches infest kitchens, restaurants, bars, public washrooms or bathrooms. Most of them are nocturnal, and prefer to stay in a shelter during daytime and search for food at night. The small dark places in furniture, equipment, food packaging, cracks and crevices are potential locations for pest infestations.

Prevention of pests requires an integrated approach. We follow a step by step process. First our experts identify the type of pest infestation. Later we make sincere efforts to eliminate the pests economically. Our basic objective is to offer pest control to cause minimal danger to guests and staff, property, and the environment.

Total Pest Elimination services adhere to an effective pest prevention strategy. Our strategy for the hospitality sector follows standard protocols, 

  • Inspection, identification and quantification
  • Implementing control measures
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of controls
  • Good maintenance practices to remove access to harbourage 
  • Use of pest traps to detect their presence
  • Train staff how to detect signs of pest infestation
  • Include checking for pests in your room cleaning procedures
  • Set up an effective policy for dealing with a pest infestation
  • Have a procedure in place for handling pest complaints from guests

Awareness is the key to keep our surroundings free of pests. Simple and small tips go a long way to achieve a pest free hotel and hospitality sector. The guests also need to understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the rooms and floors of their hotel. As a guest you need to watch for Signs of Infestation and dispose-off properly the food leftovers.

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