Pest elimination process is based on certain established norms and standards. Total Pest Elimination offers reliable, value-driven and innovative pest elimination solutions for homes and organizations. The standard pest elimination procedure at total pest elimination includes the following steps.

Review and Monitoring

Our clients call us when they have a terrible pest problem, and there is need for an expert’s intervention. We address each pest problem promptly. We allot a resource to review and report on the condition pest infestation. If identifying the trouble causing pest is one challenge, providing for a innovative and long-lasting solution is another. Our approach is definitely intensive as well as extensive. The former dealing with close observation and identification of the pest, and the latter approach means to gauge the spread of the infestation in the home/office. 

Pest Identification

Our experts collect samples of the infestation may it be bugs, creatures, or weed. Proper study is made of the nature, and unique characters of each infestation. Our pest experts suggest the best and innovative and cost-effective solutions to the field personnel for implementation and the desired outcomes.  

Assessment and Diagnosis

The right assessment of the pest infestation by adhering to standard pest diagnosis process assures complete pest elimination and leaves any scope for the infestation to occur. We adhere and uphold stringent pest assessment and diagnosis process with a no compromise approach. 

Customer Education

The success of any pest elimination service is based on the active collaboration of the clients. Right from the day of contact to assessment and diagnosis, cooperation and support of the clients is crucial. We provide step-by-step guidance on follow-up and actions required in the post pest elimination times.

Proposals of Integrated Pest Management Methods and Techniques

We adhere and uphold the integrated pest management methods and techniques. This makes our pest elimination services greatly effective and environmentally friendly. This also means to bring a happy and healthy life to your family, pets and representatives.

Treatment and Documentation

We customize and offer innovative pest elimination service. Not all clients have the same pest issues. So, the type of pest and its nature decide the strategy to be followed to achieve complete pest elimination. 


We have a ruthless follow-up on each pest elimination project. If the solution offered is effective, we continue with it at other pest sites also. The data of each pest elimination project is recorded for future reference. This also helps our pest control experts to innovate and use products as per the environmental standards and their field effectiveness.


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